How Tiktok Changed Fashion

How Pandemic Has Accelerated Digital Adoption.

As the pandemic continued, traditional fashion shows turned to social media to limit the physical presence of guests. Tiktok partnered with a live-stream fashion show that showcased the latest trends in the fashion industry as well as some of the biggest names in fashion and technology.

With the rapid rise of Tiktok in 2020, the app has become a bestseller – a place for fashion and style. As brands constantly seek new ways to reinvent the fashion industry, people are turning to TikTok to discover the next big fashion trend. In the fashion world, Tik Tok has revolutionized creators, content and marketing, making it easy to connect with influencers and networks alike.

Tiktok As A Marketing Tool.

It is our job to be up to date about Fashion Week. We used Tiktok for fun, but we’re happy to see that “TikTok Fashion Month” generated over 1.4 billion views. Page “was so popular that we noticed that it topped the trending list for the first time this year. There are high school and college students – people of all ages – who dream of making it into the fashion world in any way, and there are those who admit that they didn’t know about it at all. It is undeniable that the fashion landscape has changed forever in the last year and Fashion Month may never be a big in-person event again. Personally, I am sad about this news! I am not used to everything going online now, but I am sure that we will see it in 2020 and beyond.

This year, many users flocked to the social media app as a source of entertainment. TikTok has skyrocketed this year with millennials and Gen Z and has quickly become a source of new fashion and beauty trends. Fashion and beauty brands have done the same, keeping pace with the biggest fashion or beauty trend that keeps popping up on the app. It is believed that brands have moved from polished video production exclusivity to a wider audience, even without the need to engage a broad audience for much of the year. 

Balmain broadcast the fashion show live on TikTok, marking the first time in the brand’s history that it was broadcast live. Celine presented a video teaser for the launch of her Spring / Summer 2018 collection, and Prada sat down for an exclusive interview with the company’s creative director. Eubanks also appeared in a campaign shot by Hedi Slimane.

JW Anderson has earned his own hype by releasing a colour-blocked cardigan similar to the one Harry Styles wore in his Spring / Summer 2018 collection. The fast – trending brand has taken users in – generated content and posted videos on their social media accounts. In addition to the news of bans, TikTok has sparked a revival in innovation in music, food and beauty, giving Instagram a run for its money.

In the field of fashion and beauty, transformation videos are a challenge for users to take on the challenge of showing complex beauty looks and trendy outfits.

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