3 Stereotypes About Fashion Life That Aren’t Always True

There are 3 stereotypes about fashion life that aren’t always true. And it’s okay if you believe them because they are just perceptions that people have of the fashion world. Fashion is a very personal experience. It really depends on your own perception and how you feel about yourself. 

1. Clothing Is Not Important.

The first misconception people have is that fashion is everything.. Well, lets be clear on this one thing, your clothe is not your style, your dress does not define you, your behavior does not define you, or your taste in clothes. No matter what you wear people will love you for who you are and what you have to offer. Mais une belle tenue qui vous ressemble peut permettre t’accentuer et valoriser la personne que vous êtes et ce que vous voulez devenir.

2. Fashion Industry Is For Rich People.

The second misconception people have about fashion is that people from the upper class have rich tastes and are snobs. Well again this is not true. All kinds of people do not care where you come from and neither do they care if your dress is from the last collection. In fact, many of the rich ones are very fashion conscious and their lives are not revolve around keeping up with the fashion trends. 

3. Luxury products are not for middle-class.

The last misconception people have is that «  normal » people can’t afford expensive designer dresses. Well, its true that sometimes you can’t buy your way into the best dresses but there are ways to get access to some of the designer labels. One common way of getting access to designer labels is by using the internet. Many fashion blogs and websites give out information and tips on where to find good dresses and when it’s best to buy. You can easily find some great designer dresses at very affordable prices. 

So why do people have these wrong perceptions about fashion? It’s sad that people see things that way when there are so many opportunities in the world to live a fashion life and enjoy your own style. Everyone should be able to walk down the street without being judged for who they are and what they’re wearing. Fashion is a way of life and just because someone what’s bought a dress at the mall does not mean they are poor or useless. 

While it is true that fashion and high-ends range of products was reserved for a certain social class. But not anymore! Fashion is a fun way to express yourself, make new friends and even find employment.Just because a person wears a dress at a wrong place does not mean they are poor. There are so many great things to learn from ALL people around you.

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Digital Consultant and Entrepreneur. Worked for many fashion magazine around the world. Born in Paris - Live between France and West Indies Fashion should to be inclusive! No matter who you were yesterday and who you decide to be today. Learn and keep going 🙌

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